Rubber Process Oil

Rubber Process Oils are utilized amid blending of elastic mixes. This assists in enhancing the scattering of fillers and stream qualities of the compound amid further preparing. Rubber Process Oils offered by Macdows Energy are perfect intermediate compounds to optimize required condition for further applications.

Macdows Energy offers Aromatic Rubber Process Oils:

  • 0135

  • 0145

  • 0155



Macdows Energy provides all its customers with choice of packing between Steel Drums and Flexi Bags.


Steel Drums packing, the most commonly used packing, has a capacity of 208 Litres.

Flexi Bag Packing, the other preferred type of packing also known as Flexi Tanks are large polyethylene bags with a volume of 14,000 to 24,000 Litres. It is a two layered packing generally used to reduce cost and ease transportation.

Having a great relationship with leading Refineries, our company provides its customers with quality assurance and precision delivery.