Bitumen is a black or dark colored amorphous material that can be found in different forms such as rock asphalt, natural bitumen and tar derived from oil, which is referred to as Petroleum Bitumen.

Bitumen is mainly used in road surfacing. Bitumen with higher penetration grade is generally used in colder weather whereas the one with lower penetration grade is used in areas of warm climate.

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Bitumen supplied by Macdows Energy include:

Penetration Grade Bitumen 

  • Bitumen 40/50

  • Bitumen 60/70

  • Bitumen 80/100

  • Bitumen 85/100

  • Bitumen 100/120

Viscosity Grade Bitumen 

  • VG-10

  • VG-20

  • VG-30

  • VG-40

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Penetration Grade Bitumen 

Viscosity Grade Bitumen 


Different markets of the world require different types of packing, therefore, Macdows Energy provides all its customers with choice of packing between Barrels, Bitumen Poly Bags and Bulk.

Barrel packing, also the most commonly used packing, is a steel drum packing made of cold rolled steel. The drums are then coated with a layer of black paint to prevent from corrosion.

Poly Bag Packing, the other preferred type of packing are polymeric bags, which, is a two layered packing generally used to reduce cost and ease transportation.

Macdows Energy, apart from shipping in drums and poly bags, also, offers Bitumen in BULK.

Having a great relationship with leading Bitumen Refineries, our company provides its customers with quality assurance and precision delivery.


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